After growing veggies for family and friends over the past 30 years, we decided four years ago to also grow for sale. All of our produce is grown to organic standards, and all soil amendments or anything applied to our crops are OMRI approved products, acceptable for organic certification. In addition to selling from our farm (see e-newsletter information) we also have booths at the Two Islands Farmers Market on Puget Island (WA) on Fridays, 3-6:30 pm, May -October and at the River People Farmers market in Astoria Oregon on Thursdays, 3-7 pm, June-September. We  occasionally also have a booth at the Cowlitz Farmers Market in Longview (WA) on Saturdays during their season. Through our e-newsletter, you can place an order to be held for you at one of the markets, ensuring that we will not be sold out of the produce you want if you come to the market later in the afternoon.

Island’s End Farm is a member of Wahkiakum Food and Farm Network, Slow Food USA, Local Harvest, Tilth Producers of Washington, and Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms (WWOOF-USA). We support the Organic Consumers Association, who is currently working on legislation in Washington State to have GMO ingredients labeled.

7 Responses to “Home”

  • char and rick says:

    Great website! Especially enjoyed the slideshow of your garden in all its ‘lushiness’. I checked out the Recipe section and it was good to see George’s Greens. I have been playing with his basic recipe ever since he told me how to cook my collards with some sweet white wine. I’ve never enjoyed greens so much. I like to throw in some pasta, sometimes, too.

    Maybe George and Don could do a cookbook together! The community would love something done up by some local guys. This could be done in all your spare time, of course. <:}


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  • Carly says:

    hi its me

    • Island's End Farm says:

      We’re really glad you’re you! Email us rather than blogging on this post though. We don’t check it regularly.

  • Charity Biard says:

    I got your Kim chi at Cannon Beach Farmers Market and I are it all!!! Wish I got 3 hard!! And a recipe because I am in California.

    • Island's End Farm says:

      Hi Charity, glad you liked the kim chi. We’ll be there most weeks this summer so maybe we’ll see you again. The recipe is a secret! but we learned all we know from Sandor Katz’ books.

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